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Marist School
Marist School
Greater Atlanta Christian - #99

Goal at minute 06:42

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Feb 06,2024
Hello, hello, hello, my fabulous footy fans! Buckle up your seatbelts because we've just wrapped up an exhilarating high school soccer clash that will have your jaws hitting the turf faster than a misjudged diving header. It was GAC vs Marist under the February skies, where the young studs of Greater Atlanta Christian took on the titans of Marist School in what was an epic display of teenage tenacity!

Now, if you had popped out for a cheeky snack, you might as well have missed the opening act. In the 6th minute, Marist School smashed one into the back of the onion bag with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer! And blink – or rather, don't – because just three minutes later, they doubled the mischief! That's right folks, two-nil before you could say, Are you kidding me?

Then, Kymilyse Rampa, the GAC shooting star, decided to test Marist's keeper with a cracker of a shot in the 8th minute – nearly! Hearts pounding, Marist struck back with not one, not two, but a flurry of shots making GAC's goalpost feel like the busiest hub in town.

Reese the Piece Black for GAC had us on the edge of our seats with her blistering shots throughout the half – minute 27, 34, and 42 to be exact! She was making the goal frame sing, but to no avail, as the elusive goal song remains unsung for Reese.

As the clock ticked on to the 40th minute, it looked like Marist School was practising multiplication as they popped in their third, a goal that might have made the GAC spirits need a little lift.

Halftime must've come with a pep talk of Shakespearean magnificence because the GAC Spartans came out with fire in their bellies – and shots aplenty courtesy of Isa Moreno, Cydney Pace, and the ever-present Reese Black. But Marist turned up their defense like they had some cheat codes enabled.

When GAC finally broke through the wall, the sound of their goal siren had us all dancing in the aisles – it was minute 58, and oh what a sight! But alas, the scoreboard, with its glaring reality, read Greater Atlanta Christian 1, Marist School 3; like that rueful message on your phone saying, Better luck next time!

As the final whistle blew, it was hands on heads, eyes to heavens, but hearts brimming with pride for both sides. The hashtag #HighSchoolSoccer #HSsoccer will be buzzing with chatter, but remember, folks – we witnessed more than a game today, we saw the budding flowers of tomorrow's soccer garden!

I tip my microphone to the warriors of the pitch and say, until next time, keep those passes magical, your dribbles delightful, and may your goals always be, well, actual goals. Ta-ta for now!

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