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Cydney Pace
Greater Atlanta Christian - #27

Goal at minute 00:28

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Feb 13,2024
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, buckle up because I'm about to take you on a whirlwind recap of one seriously bonkers high school soccer match-up! We had the Greater Atlanta Christian (GAC for short) Spartans clinching horns with the Mt. Vernon Mustangs, and oh my, did we witness a goal fest or what?

The clock hadn't even had the decency to start ticking properly before Cydney Pace said hello to the back of the net, scoring quicker than you can say soccer sensation – yup, right there in the 1st minute of the game! And just when the crowd was catching its breath, Isa Moreno must’ve thought 'hocus pocus', let's keep the focus, netting another one in minute numero 2!

Did someone say Deja vu? Because Cydney Pace was at it again in the 5th minute, making it look like a walk in the park, folks!

We reached lucky minute 13 when Margo Pritchard decided to join the goal bonanza, slotting one in to make everyone's jaw drop a little bit lower. But, lo and behold, Mt. Vernon wasn't just there to smell the fresh-cut grass. They managed a riposte in the 14th minute, giving us a glimpse of hope and changing the scoreboard narrative.

Before you could say hope, Wren Kincaid extinguished that flame with a scorcher just one minute later. Then the goal train, conducted by Reese Black, didn't just leave the station, it practically rocketed out in the 20th minute, with Reese notching not one, not two, but THREE more - in the 32nd, 34th, 34th (yes, you're reading that right), and 35th minutes, folks! Can we get this rising star some water? Because they're on fire!

But why stop there? Leah Beaubien must’ve thought scoring was going out of fashion and added her signature to the scoresheet in the 36th minute.

And then, just before you could tweet #HighSchoolSoccer #HSsoccer the halftime whistle, Sophia - who seemed to have shot at the goal more often than superheroes save the day - found her moment of glory in the 45th minute.

Whew! Let me catch my breath! Even my words are sweating after this one. It was an avalanche of shots from Margo Pritchard, Cydney Pace, and Reese Black, with Sophia and Isa Moreno throwing peppercorns of shots in between!

When the referee finally called time on this goal fest, the scoreboard was blinking in disbelief: Greater Atlanta Christian 11, Mt. Vernon 1. A win in regular time play with enough goals to fill a week's highlight reel!

That’s it, folks! GAC stamped their authority over this game in a fashion that would've made the fashionistas at Paris Fashion Week blush with envy. It was soccer galore, goals aplenty, and a day the Spartans will relish like a victory feast. Until next time, keep your cleats tight, your goals in sight, and remember— in high school soccer, anything can happen! #HighFlyers #SoccerMadness ?????

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