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Bainbridge High School
Bainbridge High School
Bainbridge High School - #99

Shot at minute -293:-37

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Apr 12,2024
Welcome, welcome, football fanatics! Strap yourselves in because have I got a recap that’ll make your soccer socks spin! It’s Bainbridge High School going head-to-head with Westover Comprehensive in what seemed less like a match and more like a goal-scoring gala! Bainbridge turned the pitch into their personal dance floor, cha-cha-cha-ing to a whopping 10-0 victory!

We kicked things off under the twinkle of the floodlights, and right from the opening whistle Bainbridge came out swinging, with a shot zipping wide in the 7th minute. Not even a full ten minutes later, they’re peppering the goal again like it's a kitchen condiment rack – shots in the 17th and 18th minutes, going just about everywhere but inside the net!

Hold your horses, though! 20 minutes in, BOOM – Bainbridge breaks the ice! They slot home a beauty, and suddenly it’s the breakthrough that's got Westover’s knees knocking!

Fast-forward to minute 41, and would you believe it – Bainbridge rips another one right into the ol’ onion bag! It's halftime and they’re sitting pretty with a two-nil cushion. You could practically hear the Westover coach trying to cook up a plan during the break, but Bainbridge clearly had more appetite for goals!

It’s a relentless barrage in the second half – shots firing off faster than my uncle at a Black Friday sale! Bainbridge's shots in the 32nd and 34th minutes might as well have been sent via express delivery, and a last-minute cracker just before the final whistle sends the crowd into a delirium – GOAL-O-O-OAL in the 93rd minute to solidify a victory for the ages.

Westover, they had a go with a shot in the 31st minute, a brief flicker in a night to forget, but it was Bainbridge’s show all the way to the closing credits.

Ten to zip! I'm not sure if we witnessed a soccer match or if Bainbridge was just playing a high-stakes game of Follow the Leader - spoiler alert: no one could follow them tonight!

So, there you have it, friends. A match that’ll be etched into the school’s history books with a golden goal pen. Bainbridge High School, take a bow – you’ve certainly earned it. This is your quirky commentator, signing off, and reminding you to lace up and dream big – because sometimes, just sometimes, those dreams slam into the back of the net in a big, big way!

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